old lithograph of dozens of meteors flying across a dark night sky

November by Marcella Durand // cover by Étienne Léopold Trouvelot

November is for the birds. Amidst a temporary collapse of time and space, colors have awakened their stranger hues. Durand turns the eye to what continues to flitter, turns the eye into an usher of acknowledgment, turns the eye into the mind of the tired mind, to unravel emptiness down to the fullness therein.


It is like December

and still November,

November is still,

and not still, trees

are not still, sky is

not still and still it

is November: gray

russet month, russeting

unleaving, deleafing,

unfoliating, blowing,

losing, bareness, barely

a tree, only a long branch, dark

against more darkness,

earlier and less light.

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