painting of two hands holding flowers and a golden haired dog

Failure & Forgetting by Ry Dunn // cover by the author

Emphatic, emotional, from a tender heart inside of tender meat. If failures and forgettings leave holes in our lives, Dunn teaches us how to fill them back up with our spoils—the shit, the tears, the broken glass and broken teeth. Failure & Forgetting is a cleansing ritual; it gets us back on the bus for the nervy ride home.

this is not form

this is the anthem

this is the crying

alone in my room

This is the third

time this week

this is the rot

the core the apple

like I always knew

you were a Rose

deep down

this is the holes

In my slacks

the holes in my ass

this is the times

we live and die in

this is the anthem to

a memory lost to

plague this lingering

panic like the blood

drip from the prick

of a rose thorn

this is a moment

between my sad

farts and the band

that played

this is the last time

we fucked on a bed

in a hotel on

folsom street

that was the last time

my farts smelled

like cum for

three days

this is the bomb

in the precinct

this is the patricide

the final suicide

the mark my words

my breath stank

and the smoke rises

from the north west

corner of this

is the Whiteaker

in the late 90s

this is the beguiled

new student to

the old designs

of thrash against

an ancient wall

this is the end

of an old trail anew

thought rendered

inescapable by drugs

because this is not

the form I meant to

carry, this is the cock

I did not mean to sit

atop, this is not

a maybe next time

this is the end of

a poem

how to order

If you would like a * .pdf * of Failure & Forgetting, please make a donation of $3 or more to G.L.I.T.S., and send a screenshot of the receipt to:

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From G.L.I.T.S: “We approach the health and rights crises faced by transgender sex workers holistically using harm reduction, human rights principles, economic and social justice, along with a commitment to empowerment and pride in finding solutions from our own community. The first issue we address is that of immediate need/crisis support for transgender sex workers, including community members from the NYC area, across the US and globally through supporting asylum seekers from our priority communities. The next issue we address is health care and health resilience for transgender sex workers. We need to address this issue because our community is hypermarginalized and has a profound need for safe sex supplies and free/low cost health to address both trans specific and holistic needs. We currently work on housing since so many in our G.L.I.T.S.’ community are without stable housing, deepening the cycle of disenfranchisement. G.L.I.T.S. also advocates and educates to ensure health, wellness and inclusion of transgender people in our society and to address the stigmatization and criminalization of trans people because of anti-prostitution/anti-sex work laws.”