ink drawing of rainbow bent around book title in almost a horseshoe shape, originating/terminating in two side-by-side clouds

birth dirt by Pareesa Pourian // cover by Matthew Hotaling

Where do you come from? Well, where are you now? Pourian draws it out with wet paint, fingers deep in the mud, air thick with steam. These are lines to stick in the earth, scratching around ’til something viscous bubbles forth. Make yourself a hole, then it’s straight down the hatch, bound for the fires deep down in the core.

where i come from

electrically rolled in wind


spit up heat

all over under clothes

sky lights blood

pink squandered babies

hammered gold clutched

threaded through flesh

moldy placeholder of

mossy bed

stamen stains

crushed petals sunned

some asses jiggled

curiosity’s face

how to order

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